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Employers with a strong, relevant and well-communicated benefits package not only get the pick of employees at recruitment but are also more likely to retain a happy, committed and productive workforce.

To enhance your employee value proposition and ensure a return on your benefit expenditure, benefit plans should achieve your key business objectives. We design effective benefit solutions that engage, motivate and retain your employees.


We work with SMEs, multinationals and global firms in many industries, including the financial, legal, technology, commercial, education and leisure sectors, to achieve their diverse objectives.


We provide a range of scheme evaluation and comparison services to help you determine the effectiveness of your existing retirement benefit provision.


These services identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current programme so you can determine whether deficiencies exist and what options are available to address them.

We also provide standalone benefit communications' services, ranging from town hall seminars to focussed employee workshops. These services are designed to increase employee understanding of, and engagement with, benefit plans. ​


Plan design is a crucial, but commonly neglected, stage in creating benefit plans that reflect your corporate culture and appeal to employees while achieving your corporate objectives.

This is a complex dynamic that we have extensive experience in achieving for a diverse range of employers.


We have developed a strategy to promote employee engagement, the holy grail of retirement consulting.

Our proactive Member Support Service is the crucial link between employee engagement and benefit provision, often found lacking in many plan designs. The service educates, updates and informs employees in a straightforward, comprehensible manner throughout their entire scheme participation, enabling them to fully engage with their benefit plans.

Effective employee engagement leads to interaction and fullfilment, both equally essential in achieving employer objectives.


We select and partner with automated web-based administrators to deliver responsive, simple-to-use benefit plans that encourage member interaction.


Employers and employees have fingertip access to scheme information in a secure environment. Both can manage every aspect of their plan online from any location and at any time. 

To complement these high-tech services, we operate a Plan Member Helpdesk manned by Indigo Account Managers, enabling employees to seek assistance without recourse to their employers.

Return on investment

Prior to commencing work on your retirement benefit programme, we first establish your human capital objectives. An awareness of these helps us to shape the design and delivery of benefit plans capable of fully meeting your requirements.

This approach also enables us to measure the effectiveness of your retirement benefit expenditure, ensuring it delivers a significant Return On Investment (ROI) for your organisation.

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