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Environmental Policy


Indigo considers environmental issues and quality as being crucial for our business and the wider community. Environmental issues are becoming more challenging. We therefore apply a high degree of importance to mitigating impacts of climate change and we fully support the move towards a low-carbon economy.


We work closely with our suppliers and clients to reduce emissions, paper, electronic waste and environmental hazards mainly through technological enhancements. We ensure our employees understand these principles so they can be informed on adopting green solutions in their work and personal life.


We are committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment and to demonstrating leadership by integrating environmental considerations into all of our business practices.


The requirements of this policy apply to all offices and employees of Indigo Global Limited. The primary intention of this policy is for those responsible for its implementation, namely the business leaders and management of the company.

We want our products, services and production to be part of a sustainable economic society and want to ensure that the following commitments are met:

  • Protect the Environment - Ensuring we adopt responsible management of our operations to protect the environment and prevent pollution. This is achieved by designing our products and services to reduce adverse impact on the environment.


  • Compliance – We comply with our obligations under this policy and make decisions with reference to this policy to protect the environment.


  • Objectives – We set objectives within the scope of our environmental activities to achieve continual improvement and make adjustments when needed to ensure we are environmentally sustainable.


  • Operations – We minimize the environmental impacts of our own operations through selective use of energy, transportation, material, water and waste and this approach should also be adopted by our suppliers.


  • Purchasing – We consider the environmental performance of our supplier’s products and services when making purchasing decisions.


  • Audit – We adhere to our established environmental management of the policy through periodic internal audits.


  • Employees – We aim to raise employee awareness and support employee initiatives with respect to implementing our environmental policies and programs.


Practical Applications

A. Office environment

  1. Our office has sufficient space to accommodate employees plus a small meeting area for guests to minimize electricity consumption 

  2. Air conditioning is thermostatically controlled to ensure it is only operational when required 

  3. When possible, office widows are opened to reduce our reliance on air conditioning

  4. Air conditioning is switched off every day


B. Travel policy

  1. Employees are encouraged to walk to work. When this is not feasible, they are requested to travel by public transport

  2. When possible, staff are encouraged to walk to client meetings

  3. The vast majority of overseas meetings are conducted by telephone or video calls 

  4. Air travel is minimized and is in economy class on scheduled airlines that operate the most modern aircraft

C. Waste reduction

  1. Employees are instructed to only print documents if it’s absolutely necessary to process or retain hard copies

  2. Employees are reminded to discourage clients from receiving hard copy proposals and presentations

  3. Employees are encouraged to eat out at lunch or bring re-useable containers from home. Single use take-away containers are discouraged

  4. Drinking water is delivered to the office in large re-useable containers to avoid employees purchasing single use plastic bottles


Indigo Global Ltd
Environmental Management Team


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